The second Praha Žije Hudbou festival will take place on 8-10 June 2017

Organizers of the Praha Žije Hudbou festival, which was visited last year by some 30 thousand spectators, go on with their activities that target strict busking regulations. As of May 2017 they will keep organizing – in cooperation with the Prague Institute of Planning and Development (PIPD) – a series of lectures and panel discussions dedicated to the topic of art in public space. They are also planning the second Praha Žije Hudbou festival, which will take place on 8-10 June 2017. This year’s headliners are going to be Tomáš Klus, Vladimír Merta, Xavier Baumaxa, Longital, Houpací Koně, Jakub Ondra, Circus Brothers and Lake Malawi. The festival will substantially expand its drama scene program. Visitors can look forward to Cirk la Putyka, Bratři v tricku or Long Vehicle Circus.

Fight against strict busking regulations continues

The public ordinance, which came into force in March 2016, significantly obstructs busking and contains a great quantity of ill-considered requirements and ambiguities. Organizers of Praha Žije Hudbou festival have been striving for its meaningful revision. They seek to enliven public space and bring it closer to Prague citizens. During one day of the last year’s festival they gathered 2370 valid signatures for the petition, subsequently submitted at the Prague City Hall. “Since the submission of the petition we attended several Control committee meetings, took part in discussions concerning a poll that looked into how Prague and Czech citizens, buskers and tourists view the public ordinance and based on the international research of busking regulation in various European cities (Dublin, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, London, Barcelona) we prepared a compromise proposal of adjustments, which would amend the most problematic parts of the ordinance. We know it will take a lot of effort to push through the changes, but we shall not give up the fight. We would like to convince municipal representatives that penalizing harmonicas and discriminating oboes is not the way to go,” says director of the festival Jan Gregar on behalf of the organizers from Nerudný

The proposed amendments include for example permission of small amplifiers and cancellation of the ban on brass and rhythmic instruments. Objections also deal with zones of restriction – according to the proposal a blanket ban should be applied only where busking causes troubles so that more areas can be available for street art. In cooperation with PIPD a series of lectures, panel discussions and workshops concerned with public space issues will be taking place from May 2017 on. The objectives of the festival and effort of buskers and public were supported by Via Foundation, which encourages citizens’ active engagement in public life.

Praha Žije Hudbou will resonate again through the metropole

The Praha Žije Hudbou festival, which will take place on 8-10 June 2017, will be a celebration of art at 50 different places of the metropole. “We would like to raise the quality of busking in Prague and improve life in the city for the Prague citizens, so that streets are not just a point of transit, but a space for life,” added Jan Gregar. Tomáš Klus, Vladimír Merta, Xavier Baumaxa, Longital, Houpací Koně, Jakub Ondra, Circus Brothers and Lake Malawi are among the confirmed musicians that will support the idea of busking. The theatre program at the Václav Havel Square (National Theatre’s piazzetta) will be substantially expanded and will offer both drama and puppet performance, acrobatic and new-circus shows, slam poetry and public readings. Visitors can look forward to Cirk la Putyka, Bratři v tricku, Long Vehicle Circus and many more.

Join us and become a part of the festival!

The festival gives musicians and other artists an opportunity to perform at the festival together with celebrities of Czech art scene and improve the level of street art. One just has to register through an online form at the event’s web page. Organizers will choose the most interesting projects and will include them to the festival’s line-up. People can also turn their hand to festival’s preparations and become volunteers within the organizing team. More information is available at

The Praha Žije Hudbou festival is organized by Nerudný association, one of the leading production organizations in Prague, which stands behind events such as Mladí Ladí Jazz festival, open-air festival Léto na Jungmaňáku, Student Fest festival, Festival Svobody and other projects.

Organizers of the festival received support to their initiative from many famous figures such as Laco Déczi, Marta Kubišová, Lenka Dusilová, David Koller, Klára Výtisková, Emma Smetana, Bára Poláková, En.drů, Terezie Kovalová, Milan Cais from Tata Bojs, or Robert Nebřenský from the band Vltava. More information is available at, Facebook or festival’s Youtube channel.

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